Правила 5-го Міжнародного конкурсу «Стоп цензурі! Громадяни за вільні країни»


1. The 5th International Contest “Stop Censorship! Citizens for Free Countries” is held by activists of the NGO Center UA. No political force takes part in the organization of the Contest.

2. Contest website: www.stop-censorship.net

3. The following topics are covered: protection of the freedom of speech, access to information, and a special topic, determined by the organizers for each competition separately. The special topic of the 5th International Competition “Stop Censorship! Citizens for Free Countries” is “Women. Equality. Politics.”

4. Works in five categories are eligible: image, poem, slogan, text, and multimedia.

5. Image: photographs, posters, drawings reproductions or pictures.

6. Poem: rhymed literary forms.

7. Slogan: short verbal forms that express an idea, a demand or a call to action.

8. Text: essays, articles, or columns expressing the opinion of the author (up to 10 thousand characters).

9. Multimedia: musical forms, plays, event photo reports, slideshows, sculptural forms, object design in video forms.

10. The Contest is open to everyone: citizens of Ukraine, foreign citizens, and stateless persons regardless of age or education.

11. In order to participate, you need to register and upload your work via the site.

12. Participation in the Contest means a voluntary consent of the authors to transfer their copyright to joint non-commercial use of the works by NGO Center UA for the entire copyright period. All contestants are specifically informed about this on the site before uploading the works.

13. Each contestant can submit an unlimited number of works in different categories created specifically for the competition or created before, but relevant to one of the topics of the current Contest.

14. Works are accepted in Ukrainian, Russian, or English.

15. Participants have the right to submit only their own works. Participants who use someone else’s work or plagiarise will be disqualified.

16. Works are evaluated by three juries: experts, civic activists, and Internet users. Expert and activists juries are formed by the organizing committee. Anyone can participate in the online voting. The organizers reserve the right to involve technical specialists in order to prevent dishonest voting via the Internet. If the dishonest vote is detected, the results of the contest will be reviewed accordingly.

17. Works are accepted from May 10 until July 15, 2018 (Kyiv time).

18. The work of the Internet users jury begins on May 10 until July 20, 2018. That is, the vote lasts for 5 days after the submission deadline. At 00:00 Kyiv time, the organizing committee will count the number of votes in each category (image, poem, slogan, essay, multimedia). The work that will score the most online votes becomes the winner in the respective category.

19. The main jury and the special topic jury will pick nominees of the Contest during July 15 – July 20, 2018. The nominees will be revealed on July 21, 2018. The winners of the Contest will be revealed in September 2018 at the opening of the best works exposition.

20. The partners of the Contest may give a special award for the work of their choice. The results of their decision will be included in the official release of the competition.

21. Upon the Contest completion, an information campaign will be launched aimed at popularizing the winners of the Contest.

22. Works that violate current Ukrainian legislation or the copyright regulations, will not be accepted. In particular, there is a prohibition on demotivators.

23. Authors that submit works with explicit or obscene content agree that their works can not be exhibited in public places or spread through the communication channels accessible to minors.